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This is a picture of Adolf Faller.  The sawmill that he's standing in he built with his own hands and his own timber in his early 20's.  He owned and operated a centuries old farm in the Black Forest of Southern Germany.  His son Rudolf runs it today.  At the age of 12, I was fortunate enough to spend a week with him.  He took me and two horses, an axe, and a crosscut saw into his woods to cut Douglas Fir that he had planted around the age of 12.  We logged them to his mill and began to saw them into marketable lumber.  I then went fishing in his mill pond, my journey with trees having begun.  I have been passionate about treework and milling since I was a boy and continue to this day to be passionate about my work and the proper care of trees.  In my career, I have been fortunate to have found and been available to some of the best woodsman, arborists, and loggers that took me on as a student.  I wish I had pictures of the others, but in these I have three.  

Pope Valley Tree LLC is an owner-operated husband and wife small business. We have been licensed and insured since 1996.

We have not had an insurance claim or a lawsuit.

Our business has built a reputation by word of mouth locally and we have always stood by our word. We believe in personal integrity and customer satisfaction.

We are a green company.  We do not spray, inject or use in any other way, non-organic materials. The health of a tree depends mainly on the health of its root zone, and proper cultural care.  

Trees are like children in that they need clean air, water, and "food".  They also need to be planted correctly the first time, and in the correct location.  


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